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May 5 – Joint service at St. Paul at 9:30 am CT; Sunday School at Golgotha at 11:00 am CT.

Golden Valley Community Outreach Concert and Supper at 3:30 pm CT. The Peterson Family will be sharing their music with us. There will be  a supper following the concert.

May 12 – Joint service at Golgotha at 9:30 am CT

May 19 – Golgotha with Holy Communion at 9:30 am CT; St. Paul with Holy Communion at 11:00 am CT

May 26 – Service at Golgotha at 9:30 am CT.  Service at St. Paul at 11:00 am CT. 

Please note that at the Annual Meeting the worship schedule has been changed. Holy Communion will now be held only on the third Sunday of each month at both Golgotha and St. Paul (except when special services are held, like Easter and Christmas).

If anyone has any church news that they would like published on our website, please let us know.  Either by phone, or email.


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