Golgotha WMF News

Golgotha WMF will be meeting again on November 5th at 1:30 pm CT in the church basement.  Please join us for Bible study and fellowship.

The Golgotha WMF will again be collecting non-perishable goods for Women’s Action Resource Center during the months of September, October and November. Items can be left in the church entry. Thank you for your support of this organization.

If anyone is interested in continuing the Cradle Roll, please call Arlene Helling and she will explain what needs to  be done when a child is baptized into our congregation.

Used postage stamps will be collected by the Senior Citizens. They can be left in the kitchen downstairs in the church. There is a coffee can near the stove.  If you need additional information, please call Janet Connolly.

We have 2 sets of dish towels stamped and ready to be embroidered. They will be left in the church basement on one of the tables. Please leave your name if you pick up a set. For those that are interested in purchasing an embroidered set, the purchase price is $30. There is one set that is complete and ready to dry some dishes!  As more embroidered sets are complete they will also be left on the table downstairs. Thank you to those that give of their time to complete these sets. And thank you to those that purchase the completed sets.


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